004: Gray City Cocoon Coat


Well guys, I’m finally getting the cold weather I asked for. I had to go to Chicago to get it, but that’s fine! It’s 40ºF out right now, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be living in this coat while I’m here. It’s a steal at $160 right now and comes in seven colors). I would have sooner left pants at home than come without a coat. It’s my birthday weekend, and I’m here visiting my college roommate Jane, as a birthday present to both of us (hers was about a month ago). I got a little work done this morning and stopped by to say hi to Danielle and catch up. Yes, her place is as beautiful in person, and Buddy is everything you hope he is. I’ve been doing a little exploring on my own while she’s been at work, but in a couple hours, the weekend begins and we’re off to have some girl time (plus Patrick). They’ve spent a lot of weekends out of town since they moved here, so a lot of the touristy things I wanna check out are also thankfully new to them!

Some notes about Chicago (so far):

It reminds me a little bit of Dallas, but the city area is like x15. It makes Dallas feel very small.

Public transportation is incredible here. People walk, Uber, or ride the train everywhere, which I love. Uber and Lyft is cheaper because you can rideshare/carpool, so your ride might only be $2 or $3, which is awesome. I definitely hit my 10,000 steps yesterday.

You need reservations for a lot of the places you’d like to eat because the city has a constant stream of tourists.

The architecture here is beautiful. If you’re looking for a place that has character, they’re not in short supply.

40ºF isn’t as bad as I imagined it to be. It’s actually really pleasant out as long as you’ve got your coat and scarf.

Also, Chicago is crawling with beautiful men. No joke. Still single, guys.

If you have any recommendations of things I have to do or see while I’m here, comment below, I’d love your suggestions!


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