010: Fur Jumper


New Year, New Style

New Year, New You, right? Anyone else making new discoveries as they clean out their closets? I’m finding that there are still some basic pieces I’m missing and more than a few garments that need replacing or could be upgraded. My style is pretty casual, and almost always neutral.

Around the holidays, my friend April and I were talking about our wardrobes and style. I was telling her that one of my goals for the 2018 is to find things that make me more feminine. I don’t talk about my age a lot, but for those of you who don’t know, I’m 26. If I had to guess, you probably thought I was younger. I’ve always been very careful about what I wear because I don’t want to look even younger than I already do. On me, feminine often reads as girly, which until now, I’ve really tried to avoid. But now I’m ready to crack the code: how do I dress and feel feminine without feeling like a little kid? Maybe that’s just the insecure single girl in me, but I think I’d feel much more confident if I also felt feminine.

I’d love to hear from you: what makes you feel most confident or feminine?


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