011: Sweatshirt & Denim Skirt


Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week. It’s now February, and if you’ve fallen out of line with your 2018 resolutions or goals, hop right back on! This week has been great and productive.

I had a quick shoot with Bethany this week and we talked about getting coffee or drinks once a month to talk business and keep each other accountable. A status meeting + brainstorming session, if you will.

You may have seen on Stories that Willow had to go to the vet. We did her annual exam, blood work, shots, etc, but we went in because she had an ear infection. The doc gave her a shot and some meds, so for the past couple days she’s been zonked out on pain meds.  Willow hates getting her blood drawn. She whines and whimpers… I was about to cry. So to all you mamas who deal with sick kids or kids that cry when they get their shots… Cheers. I can’t imagine doing this with a human, but it’s good practice.

Other Tid Bits

1. I started meditating and stretching again this week. Just a few minutes each morning – starting small! 2. I made it to The Porch with Randi this week. 3. My cousin moved back to Dallas. So pumped to have her back! 4. I started my fourth book of 2018. 5. I’ve been busy planning some new things for you guys, big and small, and I absolutely can’t wait for them to be done!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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