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Your response to my last post

I received so many DMs from you guys. You don’t understand why people don’t talk more openly about that side of singleness: not necessarily wanting to be. You’re glad you’re not the only one. You never realized how much people rely on and need a partner until you had one.

Why I was scared to talk about singleness

I was scared to hit publish for a of couple reasons.

No. 1 | You never know how people are going to react. I put this out there to be an encouragement to my other single ladies and let them know that they are not alone, not to whine about my relationship status. I needed people to understand that for this to be worthy of my time.

No. 2 | Six years is a long time, and it feels a little embarrassing to say out loud. Society tells us that if we’re single and we wish we weren’t we’re desperate. I call B.S. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been single for 15 minutes or 15 years. Don’t feel like you have to be satisfied with singleness every moment of your life because you don’t. To desire companionship is to be human.

No. 3 | After I hit publish, I looked through the views on my Stories. The number of people seeing my post that I personally know was honestly terrifying. People I went to high school with, guys I’ve been on dates with {oops, sorry}, my brothers’ friends, my parents friends…

But that’s all part of being vulnerable, isn’t it? Not knowing how people will react to what you put out there, but doing it anyway. No one judged, and no one made fun of me. So thank you. You’re showing me that this isn’t as terrifying as it seems.


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