2018: The Year of Wild

Image: Maddy Corbin

If you read my 2018 Goals post, you know that this is the year I want to take By Wild full time. The last two quarters, I’ve really focused my Instagram on fashion content with LIKEtoKNOW.it. One of my other goals for 2018 was to be more transparent with you guys and share more of my life. I feel like when my focus is mostly on fashion, it’s easy for other parts of my life to take a backseat.

So I want to let you in on what I’ve been up to
and see what resonates with you.



When I graduated college and moved back to the city, I was so frustrated with all of the stuff I had accumulated. That sparked my pursuit of minimalism, which I’ve shared a little bit about here. Trust me when I say, it’s an ongoing process. I’m currently figuring out how to banish junk mail and learning how to purge the unneccessary as I see it instead of waiting for it to accumulate and turn into a project. There’s always more I could write about if it’s helpful.


This year, I’m moving into a new place. When I move, I plan on sharing everything about the moving and decorating process. For my own sanity, one thing I want to tackle is figuring out how to make moving less stressful. My last two years of college, packing to move was an all day process that involved a bottle of champagne {don’t judge} sans glass. I obviously have a lot less stuff now than I did back then. It will be much easier to put like items together and not have a bunch of boxes labeled “misc.” like before {ha, as if I was organized enough to really have a system… nope}. I really want the process to be as easy as “these are my pants” and “here are my dishes” etc. etc. Pack it up, load it up, unload it, unpack, done.

I’m looking for a rent house instead of an apartment. Two reasons: one, my sweet little Willow. Apartment living and taking your dog out to pee at 11pm just don’t mix for me. And two, I really want something cute. Something with character that’s not a cookie cutter “one size fits all” type of place. Ideally, I’d have landlord who wouldn’t mind if I paint the walls or make a few improvements.

Now for decorating… GUYS. I can’t even explain how excited I am to decorate a new house. My surroundings have always been important to me – yes, even before the world of Instagram. I couldn’t be more excited for this process.

Clean Eating + Clean Living

Two summers ago, my mom was diagnosed with cancer (she’s cancer free now, praise the Lord), which completely changed our perspective of wellness. It put us on a seemingly endless path of researching, pursuing mindful eating and finding clean, natural products. We cut out all animal products, most gluten and most sugar – which you can read more about here. There are plenty of people who think that the whole “let food be thy medicine” way of thinking is a little “woo-woo”. To think that we are in charge of how we feel? That’s an ugly truth to come to terms with. That’s admitting that we have more ownership of our bodies and our lives than we’ve been trained to think. But I’ve seen the clean lifestyle work firsthand.

Simplicity: More Time + More Money

In the last few months, I’ve been researching and experimenting with ways to make life more simple. How can I save time? How can I save money? How do I keep my space clean? How do I keep from feeling like I’m constantly trying to keep up with {fill in the blank}. How do I create an organized life? I’ve found that having a routine for everything – no matter how small – is key. I’ve negotiated bills down, cut cable, changed cell plans, streamlined my grocery shopping… It’s been a lot. I bought a Roomba for my birthday (thanks, Mom!) and I can’t tell you what a lifesaver it is. Then I started thinking… are there ways that technology can save me time, money, or improve my life? So there’s potential for there to be a lot of “smart” content this year – if you’re up for it.

Zero Waste

I started with a zero waste gift guide, but I’ve been looking at ways I can ease into consuming more responsibly and reducing waste. Swapping plastic everyday items for something more sustainable like wood, metal, or glass has been a great way to start. In many ways, I’m finding that going zero waste can also save you time and money.


Minimalism, zero waste, moving, home decor, home automation, clean living, simplification, time saving, money saving… I’ve been trying out a lot of new things that have nothing to do with fashion, and if these are things that would help you, and you’d like to see them on the blog, I wanna know!

If you have specific questions you’d like me to answer, comment below or shoot me an email at hello@bywildblog.com