Photo by Kalan Briggs

Hey there, I’m Caroline Wilder. Most days you can find me cuddled up with my computer, my rescue pup Willow, and a hot cup of tea reading, scheduling out content for by Wild, editing photos, or working on my business. I’m mostly known for my love of neutrals, strong desire for simplicity, and my flexible, go-with-the-flow attitude. I love serving the world by encouraging other women to be unapologetically themselves and giving them the tools to live the life they desire.

I’m most passionate about living an honest, intentional life that adds value and makes an impact. We often wait for certain things to fall in place before we feel like we’re ready to make an impact. I feel very strongly that it’s my responsibility to be a good steward of exactly what I have and not wait for a different season of life to come. I can add value, just because it’s Tuesday, even if I’m still in yoga pants.

I write to empower women who struggle with feeling like they just can’t do it all. Because in 2017, that list is long. And the answer is that we simply can’t do it all. I am so honored to share my journey into simplicity and show women how they can live a life of health, beauty, calm, and balance, where there might not be room for everything, but there’s room for all the things that matter.

As a blogger, model, and photographer, my work has been featured by The Everygirl, Glitter Guide, Splendid, D Magazine, Kate Somerville, Brides of North Texas, Nylo Hotels, and Sugarilla Shop.

When I’m not busy working on content for By Wild, you can catch me at the newest local spot with my closest girlfriends, cuddling at home with Willow, or researching and experimenting with something new to write about.

Five things you might not know about me?
1. I live for exploring new places and trying new things. The city has endless possibilities. Half the time, I let the server order for me. I get to try something new, and 95% of the time I love it. It’s a win-win.
2. My most consistent conversation starter with strangers is my Gigapet / Tamagotchi that I keep on my keychain. It’s the same one I’ve had since 1st grade. It’s a cat, and I’m not sure if it still works, but I haven’t bothered to put batteries back in.
3. My dream is to live a simple life by the beach, where I can walk most anywhere. Venice Beach + Santa Monica is as close as you’ll get to heaven on earth.
4. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved mystery. Dateline is incredibly addictive, and I really think I missed my calling as a PI.
5. I’m deathly afraid of bugs. Like, tears. Is it totally irrational? Yep. Do I understand it? No.

Still here? I’d love to hear from you!