All Cancer is Genetic

You heard me. All cancer is genetic. Now don’t get all discouraged — it doesn’t mean what you think it does. After my mom’s cancer diagnosis, we dived head first into a sea of research and doctor’s appointments. To some that sounds overwhelming, and I’ll admit that it was at times. But for the most part, I became fascinated by how the human body works and what we can do to protect it and help it.

The doctors were always impressed with how much information we had used to arm ourselves, which meant that our appointments were always a little longer than usual due to lots of questions and discussion.

Okay so 100% of cancer is genetic. Let me explain… Our bodies have mismatch repair proteins that allow our bodies to conquer cancer before it becomes a problem. Throughout our lives, we are exposed to all sorts of things that cause damage to these mismatch repair proteins — pollution, chemicals, radiation, carcinogens, and food that is processed, bleached, altered, or just generally unnatural or unhealthy. Then our cells replicate. It’s the whole hurt people hurt people thing. A damaged cell produces a damaged cell. Over time, our body’s mismatch repair proteins are rendered useless and that’s why cancer is able to creep in and take over.

Across the board, only 10% of all cancer is hereditary, meaning damaged mismatch repair proteins were passed down to you through your family, making you predisposed to developing cancer. Some in the medical community would say that 10% is even a little high, but all cancer is attributed to damaged DNA, and therefore genetic. This is actually good news for everyone. If we are intentional about the things we consume, both physically and economically, we are each giving our body the chance to fight for itself.

If you want to check out some of the changes I’ve made, check it out here. I would love to know any questions you may have about health and lifestyle! Just comment below or drop me a line on my contact page or over on Instagram!  


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