How to Make the Most of Your Space

Feature Image by Sean Fennessy 

For city dwellers especially, it seems that we are constantly pressed for space. How can you keep a small home clean when it seems that not everything has a place? Take back your space, now.

Pare Down

Photo credit: Colin Price

It’s easier to stay organized and feel free when you’re not bogged down by extra stuff. Don’t use it? Doesn’t fit? Already have ten of them? Throw it out, donate it, sell it, doesn’t matter. Get. It. Gone.

Go Vertical

Photo credit: Stylizimo

Our minds often default to thinking that you put things on the floor, then you store things inside and on top of those things. You really just end up with cluttered space this way – it’s stuff on stuff. Think higher, not bigger. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your walls. Shelving and rods can do wonders. Everything from shoes to cleaning products can be organized vertically.

Double Duty

Photo credit: IKEA

This has been the anthem of the tiny house trend. Everything has to serve more than one purpose. Your space may not require that everything in it multitask, but a little multitasking certainly wouldn’t hurt. This IKEA Malm bed gives you full permission to ditch your dresser, freeing up more space for yoga.

Nest & Collapse

Photo credit: Hemnet

Things that aren’t used all the time need to take up the least amount of space possible. Make sure that items can be organized and stored in a way that is space efficient. This goes for both furniture and household items. If something can collapse or nest inside something else when it is not being used, it’s a go!

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