Supporting local businesses is something that aligns with my values, and there’s nothing like seeing a local business pop up that you know is gonna thrive + kick ass. There’s this little ice cream shop in Ft. Worth called Melt that I’ve been dying to visit and it just moved to a new location. I was in the area-ish so I had to stop in for the opening. Tell me this isn’t the most Instagram worthy ice cream shop! Now, I’m not a huge sweets gal, but I’ve been craving their Turkish Delight vegan ice cream for almost two weeks now!

By-Wild-Melt-Ice-Cream-Store-front-angle By-Wild-Melt-Ice-Cream-Hand-Waffle-Cone By-Wild-Melt-Ice-Cream-Patio-Table

Here’s another little gem I found… I obviously need to explore Ft. Worth a little more!

S H O P   T H E   P O S T

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