My 2018 Goals

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I’ve never been one for resolutions. I feel like you’re setting yourself up for failure by saying that you’re going to work out 5 days a week or giving up sugar for an entire year. The success or failure of sticking to your resolution hinges on any single day, so I’ve always opted for setting goals. You have an entire year to work on them, and your success is not dependent on any one action or day. I’ve spent the last month thinking about my goals, and I wanted share them with you here.

Show More of Myself

This year I really want to show people more of me. To be unapologetically myself, both online and IRL. I want to get really clear this year on my motivations. Am I doing something because that’s what other people are doing? Or am I doing it because it’s true to me? I’m gonna let you in on a secret: I didn’t realize it till recently, but I care a lot about what other people think. I didn’t use to and I don’t like the way that feels. I think finding clarity in my motivations will get rid of a lot of the fear and help me “own” whatever it is I’m doing or feeling.

I sometimes worry about how much I should share about myself. I worry that no one else is going through the same things I go through – that I’m the only one. If no one else can relate, why put it out there? That’s actually pretty selfish. Do I really think I’m so special that I’m the only one with this feeling or problem or struggle? It’s a ridiculous thought when you take a step back to really think about it. I really want to take this year to be a little more transparent and let you guys in on what’s going on in my life and business.

Take the Blog Full Time

Okay, this is my biggest goal for 2018. I want to take this little blog full time – yes, as a full time job. This is the year I bet on myself and do everything I can to go all the way and make it happen. I have goals I’ve set for 2018: new projects, brand collaborations, financial goals, growth goals. Those are all pieces of the puzzle. When I feel like I have it really figured out, this is something that I want to share with you guys.

Dig into my Faith

The really cool thing about being an adult is that you learn to make your faith your own. The not so cool thing is that as adults, we’re not always as responsible as we’d like. This past year I did a lot of “church from home” streaming, and while that’s great, it shouldn’t serve as a substitute for gathering in Christian community. This year, I really want to make faith a priority.

I plan on keeping my Tuesdays clear as often as possible, so I can go to The Porch. If you live in Dallas, I’m sure you’re familiar. If you don’t, The Porch has to be the largest Christian singles church service in Dallas. It’s just an incredible time of learning and worship. Sometimes big groups will grab a late dinner afterward. It’s great.

One thing I really want to do is examine life through the lens of Scripture. Ask a question and find everything the Bible says about that specific topic. What is my purpose in life? What should my attitude be about work? What should my role look like as a woman/wife/mom someday? What does the Bible say about how we take care of ourselves and our bodies? What is the balance between loving a friend and holding them accountable? You get the point. I want to see what God says about these things and more, and let the answers I find guide my life.

Travel Somewhere New

I already have a couple trips planned for 2018 to places I’ve already been. But this year I want to see something new. I’m trying to figure out timing and budgeting, but I would love to spend some time in New York City this fall. I’ve spent time in the northeast, but I’ve never been to New York – which is crazy because I was considering going to school there at one point. I’m thinking maybe Fashion Week?

Expand my Business

I have some new content and new projects in the works for 2018 that I’m really excited about. I really want this year to be about helping women live their best lives. Here’s what I love about this process: I get to experiment and be the guinea pig first, and then I share only what I think works best. What do I think my best life looks like? Simple, organized, kind, adventurous, giving, healthy. A life where I operate out of love, not fear.

Finally Clear up my Skin

I’ve definitely seen major improvements in my skin in the past year. While I’m definitely thankful for the progress I’ve made, I would give just about anything to not have to worry about cystic acne anymore. I really would like to stay away from things that can be hard on your body or damaging to your gut – like Acutane or antibiotics. Shameless pitch to brands… I will be a forever advocate of whatever the solution is. There is nothing more awful than to be breaking out like a 15-year-old at 26. In 2018, it’s going down.

Be More Social

It took me a while to realize it, but I have a lot of social anxiety. I don’t feel like it was really a problem when I was younger, so this is a relatively new thing. A lot of the time when I get an invitation to go hang out in a big group, I don’t want to go because it feels too overwhelming. But guess what? Almost every time I do go, I walk away from that experience feeling good. I had a great time, and I crave more of that sense of community. So this year, I’m not only going to be saying yes more often, I plan on pursuing community and being more intentional with my friendships.

Become Debt Free

Anyone else ready to kick those student loans to the curb? It’s currently the only debt I have (other than my iPhone, thanks to the iPhone Forever plan), and I cant wait to be done with it. As long as my emergency fund is full and my apartment is furnished, any extra money will be going toward getting rid of this loan.

Give Back

I love giving to charity whether that be donating goods or donating money. All of that is necessary, but I want this year to be about doing the work. Volunteer work and missions is one of the greatest ways to give back and keep us humble and grateful. I don’t plan changing my current habits. I still plan on donating in 2018, but this year I want to focus on giving more of my time.


Do we share any of the same goals this year? If I wrote more about any one of these things, would that be helpful to you? Let me know in the comments! XO


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