Your Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Guys, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally here!

What’s so great about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom sale is a great way to stock up on any wardrobe staples for the fall. It’s different from pretty much every other sale because you’re getting great deals on brand new items, instead of hoping that an item will still be in stock by the time it gets marked down.

When can I start shopping?

Early Access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts July 13. Early Access is only available for Nordstrom cardholders — credit or debit. Personally, I’m pretty averse to credit cards, so the debit option is a lifesaver for me. If you’d like to apply for a Nordstrom card, you can do that here. The sale opens up to the public on July 21st, so anyone can shop the sale. The last day to score your fall staples on the cheap is August 6th. You can shop the sale online or in store.

How do I find out what’s on sale?

Nordstrom released a catalog that gave a great preview of the sale, but now that it’s started, Nordstrom cardholders can shop the sale here.

My Favorites…

S H O P   T O P S

S H O P   B O T T O M S

S H O P   O U T E R W E A R

S H O P   D R E S S E S

S H O P   S H O E S

S H O P   A C T I V E W E A R

S H O P   A C C E S S O R I E S

S H O P   B E A U T Y

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