If you’ve been following me on Snapchat, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been taking on my fair share of plant projects lately. Don’t worry, not all of them have been for me. Some have been for work, and some have been for friends or family. Most of us twenty-somethings have become pretty accustomed to hearing the words adulting is hard come out of our mouths. I’ve proven I can take care of an animal, but the verdict is still out on plants and I’m trying to change that. I’ve decided to give this whole succulent garden thing a try + I documented the process. Unfortunately the hardest part is yet to come…

The-Everygirl-How-To-Make-a-Succulent-Garden-By-Wild-Photo-3 The-Everygirl-How-To-Make-a-Succulent-Garden-By-Wild-Photo-5 The-Everygirl-How-To-Make-a-Succulent-Garden-By-Wild-Photo-4 The-Everygirl-How-To-Make-a-Succulent-Garden-By-Wild-Photo-6 The-Everygirl-How-To-Make-a-Succulent-Garden-By-Wild-Photo-9 The-Everygirl-How-To-Make-a-Succulent-Garden-By-Wild-Photo-10 The-Everygirl-How-To-Make-a-Succulent-Garden-By-Wild-Photo-12 The-Everygirl-How-To-Make-a-Succulent-Garden-By-Wild-Photo-13

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