The Best in Beauty from #NSale

Salon quality mani pedis, long {natural} lashes, luscious tresses + flawless foundation application… So excited that some of my all time favorite beauty secrets are part of #NSale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (#NSale) is the time to stock up on beauty favorites or make some of your beauty investment purchases. I was thrilled to see so many of my favorites included in the sale.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Set
I’m lucky to call some of the people I work with true friends. I’m not so fortunate in that we don’t live in the same place. When I do travel for work, I get to try new products out. This set is great.

This is one of the few makeup items I would truly be lost without, and a product I will be a forever advocate of. Everyone needs one of these little babies. My makeup never looked great until I started using one of these.

Silk Eye Mask
Call me a diva, but I like my sleep. I put on a sleep mask just about every night before bed. It’s calming but it also forces me to make a conscious decision that hey, you’re going to sleep. 

Stila Liner + Gloss Set
I had lunch with my friend Lauren’s mom and she asked me if I was wearing this eyeliner (I wasn’t and had to work way too hard to get it to look that good) and said that Lauren had been raving about it. I went to get some and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I’m horrible at winged liner and with Stila it’s a breeze.

The difference between using a Clarisonic and not is like the difference between using a Sonicare toothbrush and a regular toothbrush — huge and totally worth it.

Bobbi Makeup Brush Set
There are a few brush sets included in the anniversary sale, but I am partial to Bobbi Brown thanks to my Bobbi makeup artist bestie, Chelsey Ann. She knows what she’s doing, so I trust her and the tools and products she uses.

neuLash serum
This lash serum was gifted to me by a client I had done some extra work for. It’s great. Put it on clean lashes before bed every night. I might have to put mascara on, but I’d rather have thick long real lashes than extensions.

Jimmy Choo Perfume
This item was also gifted to me by a client for a holiday. I always say you should never pick out perfume for someone because that’s such a personal thing. I actually couldn’t have picked out a better new scent for myself. Jimmy Choo and Chance are my go-tos.

While this isn’t a tool I use every day, it’s a wonderful refresher for my skin. I’ll do a mask, and then go over my face with the NuFace to smooth out my skin and diminish any fine lines from dehydration. Afterward I apply serum and/or moisturizer. It’s amazing the difference this makes in my skin!

Red Carpet Gel Manicure Set
This is my secret to always having my nails done. I’m always pleasantly surprised when people ask where do you get your nails done?  You can buy the set for the cost of a mani pedi and you’re set for a good while. I love the lasting power of shellac / gel polish. This is definitely one of my favorite beauty purchases to date.

S H O P   T H E   P O S T


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