White Sparrow Boudoir

In August, I visited White Sparrow Barn for a photography workshop. Little did I know, I was about to enter a dream world. This venue doesn’t need a thing added to it — it’s perfect just as it is. And what a team! Wardrobe, styling, hair and makeup… So much talent and beauty. Here’s a look inside the workshop courtesy of Emily Katharine Photo featured on Ruffled Blog. I’m obsessed with these robes. I’ve seriously never felt so lovely.

by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-75 by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-81 by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-80by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-77 by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-74by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-76by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-2 by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-3 by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-1 by-wild-white-sparrow-barn-4

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Photos Emily Katharine Photo | Hair + Makeup: Beauty and the Blush | Styling Lindsey Zamora | Clothing: Girl & a Serious Dream | Venue: White Sparrow Barn Engagement Rings: Amulet Jewelry | Simple Rings + Necklace: Vrai & Oro | Event: Amanda Watson Workshop


S H O P   T H E   P O S T


rachel vogt

Wow this is so dreamy.
xoxo, Rachel

Alison Hutchinson

What beautiful images! Definite dream space. Everything looks so romantic.

Xoxo Alison

Maria | Looking Glass

Such a dreamy location and dress!


what a beautiful space – great pics!




Absolutely beautiful photo’s…. those robes are lovely! Great blog x


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