Working Out + Accountability 

I’ve never been someone who enjoys working out. I just haven’t. I’ve always rationalized that it’s okay because I try to eat really healthy. I know I should, but if you don’t have spiralina, kale, and lemon for days in your fridge, don’t judge me. I’ve only ever worked out consistently when I’ve had something to work toward: like when I was meeting with LA agencies and my agent wanted me to cut my hip measurement by an inch and a half (kill me), or when running was the only form of post-breakup stress relief that actually worked. Here I am, weeding out every bad thing in my diet and every toxic product in my house and I still don’t want to commit. But… I know I need to. Because health. I’ve done enough reading to know better than to keep this up.

So, over the next month, I’m going to be working out three times a week. Which embarrassingly is huge for me. I haven’t decided if I’ll stick to one kind of work out or switch it up, just that I need to be active 3 days a week, whether it’s long walks, running, yoga, dance, or Sweat with Kayla (she kicks my ass every time, thanks girl).

This post is kind of a selfish one (a little sorry) because I need the accountability. And, I want to be open and honest about the fact that while eating healthy may be easy for me, working out isn’t. Maybe you have the opposite problem. I’d love to know. What’s the hard part for you and how do you make it more enjoyable?



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